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At upMention we love companies with stories behind them. Stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Together with you, we ensure that your story pops up 'naturally' at the right places and to the right audience.

We ignite and drive sales, leads and website traffic. Throughout this process we build awareness in a natural way. This way you will get in touch with the right people because "they came across your story everywhere". For our team, that is the moment for a high five!

With 92.96% of global website traffic coming from Google, this search engine plays a key role in sharing your story. With the focus not only on natural results, but also strengthen this with advertising.

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Engaging story

For us your company is also a story. From the inspiration behind its founding to the place where you are now, in the right form it is fascinating for your target group and forms the foundation for your next step.

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Rock solid

Rock solid

We believe that your story should be built up in such a way that it stands like a rock. First, we visualize the foundation, then we apply it to the surface, such as your website, Google search, Google News, Google for Jobs, the Google company profile, search engine Bing and/or online advertising campaigns.

Together, in this creative process, we discover where your story and the story of your target audience will touch. These are the starting points for the perfect match. Love is in the air.

Another thing: the foundation of it all is you and us, working together as a team. The better the cooperation, the better the result.

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In tune

In tune

When a lot of noise is made, the point is not to drown it out, but to harmonize and hit the right string. That is what we stand for. A story that resonates with the right people through smart online marketing.

Our approach
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