We know
the secret
of Google

Do you want to be found better by your potential customers in Google? Or do you want your vacancies to be at the top of Google? Then get to know our team. We help you if you want to grow through the use of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) and Public Relations. Whether you want to grow globally or locally, we will work with you to ensure that you achieve your goals.

However, we have to warn you: we don't just take on just anyone as a customer. If you expect to be able to sit comfortably in your chair and leave everything to us, then we have to disappoint you.
We are fully committed to your cause, but we expect something in return: commitment, patience and the will to cooperate. Together we will make it a success, starting with a 12-month forecast, so that you know exactly what you are investing in. That involvement, and the will to make your goal a success, makes us special. This distinguishes upMention from ordinary SEO agencies!

How it started

It all starts with eldest brother Arjan in the year 2004. At that time he is studying in Delft and has the fastest internet in the Netherlands in the library of the TU and a free workplace. He helps a company that wants to be found better in the online search engine Ilse, the most popular search engine at the time. Once dived in, he soon discovers Ilse's secret: adding as many search terms as possible to your page. But with the convenience for the user in mind, he puts the words in the same color as the background, so that they are invisible to the searcher: both the client and the searcher are happy.
Business is booming thanks to this finding; youngest brother, Geerten, joins them, and a few SEO specialists are hired. The team quickly develops into a specialist in the field of search engine Ilse.

But then Google comes...

Google is overtaking all search engines right and left. Mostly thanks to a revolutionary idea from founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin: PageRank. The more often links are made to you from other sites and the more important those pages are, the higher you will rank in the search results. Suddenly, the journey to the top of the search engine is all about three things: links, links, and links.
Brother Andries joined in 2007 and with their company, which they renamed upMention, they are fully committed to unraveling the secret of this new search engine.

At first they start with Home pages - who remembers them? They build their own homepages, such as traps.startpagina.nl (which still exists!), to generate links, where they then of course put their own customer at the top - with the famous 'tip' behind it.

This turns out to be very successful. upMention is growing fast, extra hands are needed and so Africa comes into the picture. It may not sound logical, but brother Andries has a tree nursery in Kenya. This gives the brothers the idea of recruiting technical specialists in Africa and setting up a second branch of upMention there. For example, two Kenyans, Richard and Risper, join the management. A refreshing addition to the three cheese heads.

The secret of Google

Google does not stand still, but constantly adjusts its algorithms. Just when you think you've got the algorithm figured out, Google comes up with something else. Building homepages is no longer enough; a smarter approach is needed, more in line with the way people search. And so the brothers are going to follow the Google company closely, and they have been doing so for two decades. They can rightly say: 'We know the secret of Google'.

Every change in the algorithm or the search engine is immediately followed by an adjusted working method of upMention. Knowledge of Google's working method and Flexibility therefore form the basis of upMention's success. And they would also like to share this with you, as a client, so that you also benefit from it and attract the right customers!

upMention today

upMention now comprises 38 specialists, spread over the offices in Delft (NL), Nairobi (KE) and London (UK). We work in small teams of 5 or 6 specialists, with a project manager who is responsible for communication with the client. This way we can switch quickly.
Each team has its own specialty, so that we can determine for each client which team best suits your needs. But the teams are also very flexible; members of another team can be deployed quickly if there is a need for their specialism in another team.

What can you expect from us?

Know what you are getting yourself into as an upMention customer! There are customers who call the brothers every week with the question: 'why am I not yet at the top of Google?'. Or take a producer of garden items. Several times he shouted: “I quit!”. Several entrepreneurs in his area had asked him if he had gone mad, because he had been investing for half a year without visible results.
Being structurally successful with Google optimization is a matter of patience. And therefore of consistency and trust. Together we ensure that you become more visible, that you are noticed and appreciated, and that you are seen and found by the right people!

By the way, after 9 months that man from the garden articles was at the top with a whole list of relevant search terms and his turnover grew from 140 thousand to 1.8 million. There are many more great success stories. Because that's what the brothers and upMention do it for; if you're on the Google stage, they're happy. Because being successful in Google also makes them proud; and coming up with a solution that works for the customer every time is not only challenging, but also just a lot of fun!

And if there ever comes a new, even better search engine? Then we will quickly get to work for you to understand the secret of this new tool. Because your success is our success.

Welcome to the world of upMention!

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