April 2023

Looking for a London based seo agency?

London SEO

If you want to rank higher in Google, get connected to your target group and get more traffic to your website, upMention is the best seo London based agency. upMention is not only the specialist in search engine optimization in London, but also internationally. Offices in Delft (the Netherlands) and Nairobi enable us to act on a global scale, while maintaining a personal approach.

We help you if you want to grow. Globally or locally, we will work with you to ensure that you achieve your goals. That you are seen and found and that you have (more) meaning.

However, we have to warn you: we don't just take on just anyone as a customer. If you expect to be able to sit comfortably in your chair and leave everything to us, then we have to disappoint you.
We are fully committed to your cause, but we expect something in return: commitment, patience and the will to cooperate. Together we will make it a success, starting with a 12-month forecast, so that you know exactly what you are investing in. That involvement, and the will to make your goal a success, makes us special. That distinguishes us from other London based seo agencies!


Who are we?

We are upMention; three brothers and a growing international team of professionals, with offices in Delft (the Netherlands), Nairobi and a London based seo agency. For more than 20 years we have been exploring search engines to see how we can help companies grow and how you can better connect with your potential customers online. Structural and permanent. Local or global. Because we think groundbreaking.

If you want to know how we ended up in Kenya, or why we know so much about search engines, read the story of upMention. And if you would like to see who the faces are behind the email addresses, get to know our team.
Looking for a London based seo agency? Excellent, because we recently opened an office for seo optimisation in London to serve our UK customers better. So, if you are looking for seo in London contact our local office. Our seo optimisation in London will provide your website with sustainable organic search engine optimisation. We can target purely London based locations, national, or even international business.


The approach of upMention

Know what you are getting yourself into as an upMention customer! There are customers who call us every week with the question: 'why am I not yet at the top of Google?'. Or take the producer of garden items who repeatedly shouted: 'I'm quitting!', because he had been investing for half a year without visible results.

Being structurally successful with search engine optimization (in London as well) is a matter of patience. And therefore of consistency and trust. Together we ensure that you become more visible, that you are noticed and appreciated, and that you are seen and found by the right people!
By the way, after 9 months that man from the garden articles was at the top with a whole list of relevant search terms and his turnover increased tenfold. There are many more great success stories. Because that's what we do it for; when you're on the Google stage, we're happy. Because being successful in Google also makes us proud; and coming up with a solution that works together again and again is not only challenging, but also just a lot of fun!

Flexible and ambitious

If you want to remain the best, you have to grow and innovate continuously. Our offices in Delft, Nairobi and the London based seo agency enable us to operate on a very broad scale and to bundle our knowledge and expertise worldwide. And now we are ready to become the best seo agency in London with the best seo in London.
We focus on your growth and findability, and at the moment the best way to achieve this is to rank high in Google, the dominant search engine of today. And thanks to 20 years of experience with various search engines, we can rightly say that we know the secret of Google. But that is no reason for us to rest on our laurels... Google is constantly adapting its algorithm, and developments in the field of AI, search engines and online customer loyalty are moving at lightning speed. We follow these developments closely and integrate them directly into our services, so that you also benefit from the latest developments.

In short, are you also flexible and ambitious, and do you want to grow by moving up in Google and being found better by your target group? Then we have a match. We would like to invite you for coffee to get to know us. Perhaps the start of a beautiful journey that we will make together? For seo optimisation in London (search engine optimization in London) or the best seo in London contact us at our London based seo agency and make an appointment quickly.

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