March 2023

Selecting an SEO Company

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It is your time to hire an SEO Company. Not any SEO company suits you. At upMention, we are clear: not all companies suit us. With the evolving search engines best practises, and a plenty of SEO companies it is important that you pick the right SEO services company for you. Here are some factors that you need to investigate.

The SEO company history

Do you want to try with a new SEO company with no reputation or do you want to work with a tried and tested SEO services company? A solid company have a history and ratings. You can visit their Google Business Profile, Yelp or Facebook and see what their clients say. You should see some nice ratings; a few poor ratings are acceptable. This track record can tell you know if the SEO company can help you get more online visibility and eventually get the results you need. However, if you find a lot of negative ratings that is warning signal.

The end in mind

What do you want to achieve. How many users? How many conversions? What amount of traffic do you need? Ask what a successful campaign looks like, get some estimates. Take it from us; any SEO digital company that promise results will take around a week should be a red alert. For example, at upMention we focus for the long term. A long term is a full proof SEO strategy that have better results than short term.

The SEO processes.

Fortunately, every SEO company have its own process. It is important that you get an explanation of all the processes and why and how it is done. At upMention we have a process plan for the first year, without having spoken to you.

With this, we use our expertise and experience so far and we are very systematically creating a snowball effect.

Do they give Regular SEO Reports?

You often need to get an understanding of the progress of your SEO campaign. This may include your website traffic progress, conversions from the search engine traffic, backlinks, keyword ranking and even technical checks, if any. For instance, at upMention, we value our clients. That is why all these information can be accessed in our project management system. Moreover, we send monthly reports to you.

Ask for an SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a thorough evaluation of your website's SEO performance. It helps identify areas for improvement and provides valuable insights into your present online potential. A good SEO audit should focus on the following areas: website structure, on page optimization, backlink profile and technical SEO. With these a digital marketing SEO company helps you identify any issues or weaknessws that may be impeding your website performance and takes a suitable measure to address them.

Are they a Transparent SEO Company?

You want to be informed anytime that something is done for you, and why they do it. We have seen immense success in project where our team works with the client. At upMention, we give full transparency at every step of the way. In this way we build trust with the client from start.

Link building processes

Short term vs long term. Some companies build links from websites that they own or within their network. This is impressive since you get faster results. However, Google catches up with them in time, penalize your website this may lead to the loss of all your rankings. Moreover, it could also lead to getting a manual action where Google completely remove your website for rankings. If you want to go with your SEO and digital marketing company for the long term, it is important that they arrange links that are not on a network of their own websites.

Time commitment on your end.

Consider the relative scarcity of time and money when assessing the costs of partnering with a digital SEO services company. SEO companies have different demands for both, with some requiring weekly investment of a given number of hours from you. No option is superior or inferior, but some costs will be more suitable for one business than another. Determine the impact of these costs on your business before making a commitment to an SEO and digital marketing company . For us, we need a minimum of 26 hours per month for an SEO project, which may be ideal for some businesses. 

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